Balancing Act

How one of Gunderson’s new staff members is balancing a new job and her family life


Marley Romero

Mrs. Magyar with her shining smile that she brings to class everyday

Marley Romero, Section Editor

Juggling a job that involves so many responsibilities like planning and organizing events for leadership, teaching a few world history classes, and taking care of kids must be hard. Right? Well, our new world history teacher and activities director is doing just that.

Amber Magyar is a new member of the Gunderson staff this year, having taught for 10 years previously, she teaches the leadership class and world history. So far she’s been pretty “busy”. She has to balance rallies, dances, spirit weeks, world history classes, and two kids. How does she do it? you may ask. Well, with her love for history and seeing kids grow as leaders, she “wouldn’t want to give up teaching” either of her classes, says Magyar. 

Magyar has two kids at home as well. That means after a long day of teaching her high school students, she gets to go home and relaxor not. She doesn’t get home until 6:30 pm and only gets “an hour to spend with them until they need to go to bed”. Because she does spend so much time at school and her kids don’t have the same school breaks, she misses out on that family time. But she always finds time to “make it up” to them by taking them special places and spending as much time as she can with them.

A lot of Magyar’s time at school is spent with her leadership class and her organization is key to making sure everything gets done. “…she’s been one of the only teachers that has really, like been organized and knows how to control the students and how to balance everything out,” says Gladys Bernal, a junior here at Gunderson. She makes their process simple, “[she] just lays out everything that we need to do so just makes everything easier”, says Chloe Porria, a freshman at Gunderson.

Magyar has so much on her plate, and sometimes she doesn’t know if she can handle it all. Her job and kids require her to be organized, otherwise, things can get a little crazy. She feels that she can get a little unorganized and says “I think this is a two-person job…I’m going to find a way to make it work”. This shows a lot of motivation, pride, and confidence from Magyar, to not only teach students about history but to also make our school events the best they can be. 

Magyar truly has to balance everything and stay organized to make things run smoothly and according to her leadership students, “she has been pretty amazing”. So welcome to the Gunderson Grizzlies Mrs. Magyar!