Boba Chat with Martha Campos

Boba Chat with Martha Campos

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor

Welcome to the first Boba Chat of the new school year! I’m Tatiana Martinez and every other week I’ll be talking to interesting people on campus. This week, I chatted with Martha Campos, a sophomore here at Gunderson. She is currently taking AP World History and Honors Chemistry. Additionally, she is taking both Geometry and Algebra II so that she can take Calculus her Junior year. She plays volleyball in the fall and softball during spring and works eight to nine-hour shifts on the weekends at Popeyes.

When asked how she’s liking her classes this year, Campos responded, “It’s hard to balance everything because I also work and play volleyball. It’s…a heavy workload.” She doesn’t have much time after school to work on homework because of games and practices. “Sports practices are from four to six, so I don’t get home until like seven or eight. Then when we have games, they start at five so I really don’t get home until ten because we have to stay for the varsity game,” said Campos.

Most students taking honors or AP classes would agree that they entail a substantial workload, but time-management is key. “I’m able to balance everything because I manage my time well. I go work on my homework in the library at lunch and I also work on it in GLC,” Campos said. 

When facing a colossal mountain of homework, it can be hard to stay motivated. Just for AP World alone, Campos is assigned about three to four hours of homework a night. She also has homework in all of her other classes, but she works hard to finish it all in class or during GLC. 

You heard it here: Don’t wait or procrastinate! Procrastination is bad for you because you are saving everything for last minute and might run out of time for your assignments. Get your homework done ahead of time and relax after school. I believe in all of you!