Boba Chat with Megan Graham

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor

Welcome to a new weekly article called Boba Chat! I’m Tatiana Martinez and every week I’ll be talking to interesting people on campus. Think of it as a Student and Teacher Spotlight, just with boba.

This week I chatted with Megan Graham, a freshman at Gunderson who played for the varsity volleyball team this past fall. Megan also plays on a club volleyball team called Galaxy, where she plays on a team of 17-year-olds. Talk about talent! She ordered a Taro Smoothie and I ordered a Thai Tea Smoothie, both with pearls.

The topic of our conversation was how to balance schoolwork and sports while being a student athlete. For most athletes, it can be difficult to maintain good grades and a high GPA while going to practices and games after or during school. I’ve been struggling with it recently, but this key thing has helped me out a lot: “I do my homework in GLC so that way I don’t have to worry about it after practice,” Graham said.

This is huge. We have GLC’s for a reason, so why don’t we use our time wisely to finish our homework? This is especially important for student-athletes who may have practices every day after school. After a long day of working out, nobody looks forward to sitting down at a table and working on homework for another couple hours. Like Megan said, just get it done in GLC.

“After practice, I don’t have to do any homework and I can relax and get good sleep,” Graham said. Student athletes need a good night’s rest so that they can perform their best the next day either for practice or a game.

The optimal amount of sleep teenagers should be getting per night is 8 hours or more, but many students are getting less than that due to the amount of homework they have to work on. By using the 85 minutes we’re given in our mandatory GLC’s, we can just knock it out and go to bed when we want.

These two tips aren’t just important for student athletes, but for just regular students as well. It’s simpler if you just do your homework in GLC and relax when you get home. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better when you don’t have a load of homework on your shoulders and it’s already 11 pm.

Look out for next week’s Boba Chat next Friday! See you then!