Fiddler On The Roof

Lights, Camera…Almost Action?


Marco Antonio R.

Drama Class rehearsal afterschool second scene in play featuring Holiday, Kelly, and Samantha

Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Staff Writer, Photographer

Where are we now? Entering through the right-hand stage, Tevye (Vincent Nastrini) a Jewish man living in the town of Anatevka faces rapid change in his town that leads him to consider irrational choices when it comes to his cultural tradition. ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ is the play that has been announced as the production piece the Drama class is to perform (May 9th and 10th at Gunderson High school @ 6:30). And as opening night nears, how far have they come to put on the play?


 Directors Perspective


“Well we’re done with most of the choreography, we’re going to tackle the hardest part, the wedding scene (with the) bottle dancers (which is) next week,” Callie Orozco Drama teacher stated.

Orozco believed this was the hardest scene to get down because not only did the students playing Russians had to practice balancing the bottles on their heads but also had to memorize and perfect the dance in which the bottles rested on their heads.

“…so it’s going to take time to get the choreography and on top of that the (Russian) characters have to balance the bottle on their head and it has to look like a part of the scene. So there’s music, acting, and the lines the students have to remember.”

But in terms of all other scenes and lines, she believed the students in the play have a grasp of what was expected and goes on to say that she is confident in everything happening in the Drama class.

What was the most difficult obstacle the whole club has been able to surpass as of lately?

“Probably the making of costumes, and so far we have made nine skirts, three prayer shawls, and boot covers (for the play).”

The Drama class is halfway done and has kept up with their memorizing, choreography, and blocking.

Marco Antonio Rodriguez

Vincent, Mary, Leslie, Gabriella, Joan, Kim, Marco in end of To Life

Cast Member Perspective


“I believe we are doing fine with the lines and acting so far,” states Vincent Nastrini also adding “ As for me, I have had problems with memorization but I’ve been trying really hard, and as for the rest of my peers I believe they’ve been doing great as well.”

Regarding your lines, how far are you into the memorization and how long do you work on memorization?

“ I think I’m doing pretty well, I’ve memorized most of my lines and not all yet due to the fact I have a lot of lines, but I study for about 2 hours looking over my lines and rehearsing them to myself,” states Vincent.

Have the cast members also been helping out with the making of the costumes, and did the cast members know how many costume Items were made to date?

“ To be honest I don’t know how many costumes we’ve made as a total, but I know my costume (Tevye’s) was complete with; a dress shirt, pants, a prayer shawl vest, and a newsboy cap,” following up with asking if he himself knew how to sow.

“ Yes, and no I’m not perfect but for a beginner, I believe I am decent at it.”

In your opinion do you believe with the progress made as of recently, would the play be ready by May 9th and 10th?

“In my opinion, I do believe we will be ready and prepared for May 9th and 10th, but there’s also a possibility that someone can slack off and pull the play back a couple of days. But I highly doubt that would happen because of the people we have and they’ve been showing commitment to do well at memorization and acting.”


Tradition is the main key of this play and will be captured by the GHS Drama Department. But overall let us hope for a great play and performance form our teachers and peers.