Nightmare Parttakes

What was your worst school related nightmare?

What was your worst school related nightmare?

Chinna Nguyen, Staff Writer

During the night you’re just getting prepared to sleep for the next school day. As you close your eyes you fall into a deep sleep and that’s when your imagination rises.

In the night time, your imagination runs wild and you could imagine many things in your sleep from happy dreams to sad dreams, and then to nightmares.

Nightmares always occur in times of nervousness and fear, they’re always more memorable than dreams and sometimes they’re strangely realistic. Everyone has had at least one nightmare that is school-related and it is very likely that they’d choose to share their experience with other people.

Freshman Kevin Vo, chose to share his worst nightmare experience that recently occurred to him. There was an idea of what caused this dream but he chose to not share it

“My worst school-related dream was all my friends walking away from me as I was literally hanging from a tree outside the forum,” Vo said.

Why was this his worst nightmare though? How did he feel whenever he thought about this dream?

“This truly terrified me because I trusted these people with everything,” Vo said. ”I feel insecure whenever I remember this dream.”

While Kevin’s dream was about his friends, Freshman Allysa Duarte’s dream was about being in a student-less classroom.

“The worst dream I had ever that was related to school was when I was all alone in school and I was late to class. When I went inside my first class there were no students, except what appeared to be my teacher. I sat on my desk and heard a deep monologue voice when I turned around, I saw the teacher with red eyes and they lunged at me, then I woke up from the dream,” Duarte said.

Is there an escape?

She was also describing who else was in her dream.

“When I was dreaming, I thought I saw the principle in the corner of my eye. I also hear my friend Karina’s voice calling my name but she was never there.”

Though this nightmare was scary, why was it her worst?

“I believe this was one of my worst nightmares because it made me realize that school will not always be a safe place, we need to always feel secure,” Duarte said.

Freshman Ronalyn Apostol’s dream is similar to Duarte’s, but it is more applicable to students in school.

“My worst school-related nightmare was going to school and realizing no one was there because they all graduated school. I was all alone and had all Fs,“ Apostol said.

This can be relatable to many students who are struggling at the moment because of all the stress they can receive from schoolwork.

“The event that I think made me have this nightmare was finals week. It was really stressful because there was a lot of tests and projects due all in the same week,” Apostol said.

Is there a bigger picture of the cause of these nightmares? Should we be worried about students who experience these? Though there will never be a solution to never having a nightmare.

“No one else was in the dream, however, I remember voices laughing at me whenever I walked into a classroom, taunting me because I “failed,” Apostol said.