Softball season

Bella Castro, Staff Writer

Softball, a sport with agility and focus. The girls on the Gunderson high school team have the skills and definitely worked hard to get where they are.
“Softball season just started and these girls are already working hard together and keep each other motivated to stick to the goals they have made this season”, says Sophomore, Ameyaly Trejo. “Our team is close since we have to see each other every day and work together, so it would suck if we weren’t close” The team has the benefit of working together and making new friends that most teams don’t have. The connection they have is what makes their team stronger.

The JV team has not had any preseason games due to the weather, and they just got a new coach. Their season starts on Monday, March 18th.

The dedication these girl put in is stunning. Even without a coach this team has still found ways to practice and get better while working with the varsity team. This shows the effort they put in making the team come together and be better and improve more and more.

Connection,trust, and teamwork is everything you need in a good team and this is what this team has. The more work they put in, to improve they will become a great team.