Coming In and Going Out

Seeing the point of view from seniors and freshmen.


Liam Kirk

Did you have a good year or a bad year?

Marley Romero, Section Editor

Try looking back at your time here, or looking into your future here at Gunderson highschool. Take a minute…close your eyes…and think about your favorite (or not so favorite) moments this year. For some freshman, their first year of high school is the best because they are transitioning into a new phase in their lives. And for most seniors, their last year is the happiest and the saddest because they have so many events going on, but then at the end of it all, they have to leave for college or whatever they plan to do after high school.

Senior Kiana Lee has had a great last year here. She looked back on her senior year and says, “I guess my favorite part…as crazy as it sounds. It was a filling out college Apps.”

Though most seniors have a good time in their senior year, that’s not always the case. Some seniors look back on their year and see the bad. They see too much work to do before they leave, college applications to fill out, and waiting for their acceptance letters from the colleges they really want to go to.

Even though there are ups and downs with the seniors moving on to their next phase of life, freshmen are ending their transition into high school. Some loved their year and had a good time meeting new friends and experiencing new things. Others just walked through their first year thinking it would be a breeze, where they wrong to think that?

Freshman Jeslyn Ho Pham realized she wasn’t keeping up with her work as well as she had wanted to: “I got really lazy at home because after practice, I’m tired so I didn’t really do much of school.” Despite this, she still enjoyed meeting new friends and being on the basketball team.

Some freshmen have had a fun time getting to experience new things in high school. Others think they just need to get through their first year and they don’t really have as much fun.

Liam Kirk
Weighing more towards a good year


Freshman Miguel Reyes didn’t have as much of an eventful year. He described it as “boring”. English class, biology, and math can seem boring to those who don’t enjoy it. Even though it may be boring, Reyes still finds that sometimes his classes can be fun.

So with freshman entering and seniors exiting there is a lot going on. Freshmen are trying to get used to high school life and seniors are trying to finish all of their A-G requirements so they will be able to graduate.

For some this year has gone by slow and for some, it has gone by fast. Ho Pham looks into her future years, “I look forward to building more knowledge and more strong relationships throughout my high school years.” As for Lee, she looks into her college years and has high hopes for the future, “I’m planning on getting a major in cognitive science. I’m just looking for hoping to have a good time.”

This school year of 2018-2019, whether it has been good or bad, is coming to a close and for some of us, that means just another year of high school coming up. But for others, that means they have a whole new future awaiting them.