UNICEF brief

Parker Robillard, Staff Writer

UNICEF  is an international children’s fund created by the United Nations to provide emergency healthcare and food to children affected by World War II. Today, they have the same goals including protecting all rights of children in every nation. UNICEF depends on the support of volunteers, donations, and programs locally and abroad. Our very own Gunderson High School UNICEF  is dedicated to the awareness of children and other groups in need. They hold fundraisers to help these very worthy causes. Every week on Thursday at lunch, they meet up in Mrs. Weathers room for a slideshow on specific current events based on children in affected regions and after the show, they discuss what they can do to help. The topics change each month and they raise money for any number of different UNICEF needs. This months topic was on Humanitarian acts. They are currently in the planning stages of a new fundraiser. This fundraiser can always use more of our peer’s help.  If you are interested in helping the children around the globe, with the learning of current events and the excellent leadership of Mrs. Weathers; please consider this worthy task and join them at their next meeting March 8th, in Room T2. They and the children of the world need your help!