Band Class! Check it Out!


Gunderson High school’s band performing the song Cantaloop at their last concert

Jetti Stout, Staff Writer

If you’re looking into other electives to try out or just for some more credits, there’s plenty to check out; but if you have a passion for music or want to get more into music, as in playing it, check out our band class that Gunderson has to offer.

The band class takes place in room C-2 and is taught by Geordie Smith, but only since the school year of 2017-2018 was the band group no longer called a club, but now called a class. Since then band class has three separate class periods, which are, first, third, and fifth.

Sophomore student, Evelyn Barragan is a part of band class, and she says that what they’re currently doing is that they, “are composing parody songs (…) [which] Mr. Smith will give us a genre of music, then we choose a song and write our parody version of it,” currently in the class.

There are different events that the students participate in such as, concert band, theater band, sports band, and they even perform in public sometimes, as another sophomore band student, Jacob Matuk explained.

An upcoming event that band class is planning right now is another concert which will occur on April 5th, a spring-themed concert, as Barragan said. So, if you want to check it out, go right ahead.

Band class is currently trying to raise some money, so they’re having a fundraiser, which will end soon, where the students go around and ask for donations, and if somebody was to donate 20 dollars then they’d get a pamphlet of coupons and deals at different restaurants and fast food places as Barragan described.

Barragan says she enjoys the class and would recommend it to anyone who isn’t too devoted to playing only one instrument, but being okay with and able to deal with playing multiple because that is one of the requirements in that class to pass.