What’s Happening in Karate Club

Jetti Stout, Staff Writer

The Karate club is one of the many clubs that our school has to offer. Karate club started around halfway through the first semester and you can still join. Sophomore student Jacob Matuk who is a member of the karate club said that there are four students in Karate club who are currently learning about how to defend, counter, disarm, and how to do different types holds. Matuk also said that they have a normal routine in which they will, “warm up at the start and then [they are] taught new forms or techniques.”

Matuk does say he would recommend this to other students because he really does enjoy this club, but if you want to join you should be willing to work hard and be really into it. Not only does he think this, but Matuk also says he wouldn’t want Karate club to be any different.

Currently, the club isn’t having any fundraisers or events right now or any upcoming ones. If you do happen to be interested, visit a sophomore student, Cody Farthing who is the head/leader of the Karate club.