Gaming club

Parker Robillard, Staff Writer

Did you know the Gunderson High School has a gaming club?  They do! The Gunderson Gaming Club has over 20 gaming club member to date but is always looking for new, highly motivated students, into the latest and greatest games available today.  Plus the classic games including chess, Dungeons, and Dragons, Monopoly and more. The Gunderson Gaming Club meets every Thursday and Friday at lunchtime in Room #E6. There, they set up their Nintendo switches and Game cubes or you are always welcome to bring your own games and game systems.  The most popular game of the gaming club currently is Super Smash Brothers, but you never know who’ll bring a PC or even a DS. Overseen by the very popular and well respected Science teacher, Mr. Walton, he brings not only a great location for all gamers to meet but great leadership and understanding of gaming as well.  Mr. Walton says the future is bright with more gaming tournaments, awards and latest, greatest gaming has to offer. Gunderson Gaming Club is always looking for new members. Whether you are a pro or a novice, from Smash Brothers to Clash Royale, come to have a great time and meet some new friends. Again, every Thursday and Friday lunchtime, Room #E6; They hope to see you there!