Sights Brief

Bella Castro, staff writer

The club sights have been preparing for the next rally on Friday, March 15th. These group of dancers meets up every brown day GLC during the halfway mark to practice. This club is year long and is a priority to all included. Junior Gian Kamal, leader of sights, choreographs all dances seen during the school rallies. Students in this club seem to enjoy it and get to show off their talent. Sophomore Alizé Eustaquio, performer insights said, “I love to perform in front of the school even though it may be nerve-racking it boosts my confidence. I’ve made new friends and I get to get closer to them every time we practice.” These performers are hard working and try to get the best results they can and to entertain the school with the little amount of time they have to practice. Since this is a club the people involved taking the time out of their day to make these rallies more fun and entertaining for the school. The people in this club appreciate all support and love the audience provides during their performances.