Athletes MVP

Bella Castro, Staff Writer

Athlete Spotlight: Angela Carrillo Cabrera

JV Girls soccer coach Ricardo Gutierrez says junior Angela Carrillo Cabrera is an “MVP player”.

Gutierrez says she has the best skills on the team. Angela is captain for the girls JV soccer team. She was on varsity but stepped down to help out JV. Her selfless act caused her to get the position as captain. She is motivating and always tries to encourage her team. Carrillo stays on top of things and tries her best to help out the coach.

Gutierrez said, “Angela will gather the team together and start warming up even if I’m not there yet.” Angela comes to practice and makes sure her teammates are focused, on time, and are participating. “She’s dedicated”, Gutierrez says.

Carrillo has to keep up with soccer, school, and an outside job. It proves to the coach that she can manage her schedules and still be committed to soccer.

“Her commitment is great, yeah she has to leave for work sometimes, but other than that she is great at showing up.” Commitment is everything to her coach and he says he greatly appreciates it. She makes sure that her teammates are also just as committed as her so it can make it easier for the coach.

Carrillo is a starter every game. She plays three different positions, forward, center mid, and defense. It is very difficult to play and know more than one position in soccer, and it is very impressive that she knows how to play more than one position.

“So yeah, I would totally say Angela is one of the most important players on the team,” Gutierrez speaks very highly of his players and wants the best for them. Angela meets all of his expectations and even goes beyond Gutierrez appreciates every form of effort she puts in to try and make her team even better.