Mrs Weathers and her travels


Mrs. weathers in her classroom

Parker Robillard, Staff Writer

Traveling is a very fun thing to do and nobody knows traveling more than history teacher Mrs.Weathers she has traveled to many places. How many places have Mrs. Weathers traveled to? ”Costa Rica, England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. Germany, Italy, China, Thailand and Mexico” in total she has traveled to ten different countries”
She has traveled to all of these places which one was her favorite and why? “Thailand Hands down and it had to be bathing with the elephants and having the little fish eat at your feet”While most people swim with dolphins, Mrs.weathers bathe with the elephants.
You thought the TSA and long security lines were bad the airport security of China is worse than anything you’ve seen “they’re super strict, especially in the airports. People were standing around holding guns, and they herd you like cattle in two different areas. And they separated Rick and me on a trip. And they sent him into the domestic and me into the foreign and we almost didn’t get to meet up back together and they take pictures of you the whole time you’re there. ”
What does she consider her least favorite trip? “Mexico because it cost more than we thought it was going to be”
What was her least favorite memory? The Vatican.
“The extravagance and expenses that have gone into the Catholic Church made me a little nauseous”
Where does Mrs.Weather recommend people travel to for the holidays “overall, Switzerland was a very nice place. It was affordable and the people were very nice. They were very nice too so and there was good food, of course.
Mrs weathers is a very experienced traveler and she plans to go on another trip to Cuba this summer and she urges others to travel to experience the world and the cultures of other countries