Do Violent Video Game Corrupt Minds?


Kids Playing Video Games for Intertainment

Isaiah Sellem, Staff Writer

Video Games does not influence violence on kids. Video games are just for entertainment and cannot change someone’s mind to do violent actions. If someone were to do violent things that either means that they were raised wrong or that they had a bad experience in their life. My personal experience with this was that I always played these violent games when I was little, but still never did anything like it. I’ve played Halo, Call Of Duty, Resident Evil, etc. Video games were not able to change the person that I was because I’ve been the same all my years and would never change. I would never change from one little video game.

I would understand that everyone was born different and some people can possibly change because of video games, but some video games don’t have much serious violent content and don’t show very much violence other than shooting and that’s pretty much it. According to Christopher Ferguson, associate professor and co-chairman of the Department of Psychology at Stetson University, states that “violent video games may help reduce societal violence rather than increase” this shows that violent video games can help reduce violence in children’s life. This also shows that video games are just for entertainment and can have some beneficial actions.  

Video games were beneficial towards me when I was a kid. What games taught me was strategy and helped me dominate in games or in real life. I was able to outsmart kids because I was able to understand how people think and sometimes act because of video games. It’s understandable if other people can’t learn from video games because most video games are to just help with boredom and help entertain young and older people. Video games were always found to be just a competitive or entertaining system to have with friends or maybe even to compete for money. The game Fortnite blew up in 2017 and attracted many kids and some adults to play because of how popular it was and how it spread.

Many people started to play Fortnite. Fortnite basically started inside of a bus and jump out into a location find guns, ammo, and medical uses. So basically after that, you have to be the last man standing and win against other people. But people find it to be fun and some people also make money from just playing video games and people watching. Some people make thousands of dollars such as a content creator Ninja which is famous for playing the game Fortnite. Other people also try to play other games to make money and they’re influenced by other content creators. So basically people can play violent video games and make a living out of it and enjoy what they’re doing.

The real question is if violent video games influence children’s minds or maybe even corrupt there childhood and lead to doing violent actions. The answer is simply no. The reason is that video games are simply just for entertainment. Also, there are beneficial reasons to play video games because it can even help with a carrier and maybe even more.