Drama isn’t helping anyone out, all it seems to do is harm.


Uncle Sam saying, “no room for rumors”

Jetti Stout, Staff Writer

Nowadays, it’s hard for people of all ages to stay out of the drama, but if you can, it’s really the best to try to avoid it. Being in drama, not theater, causes people to get hurt, be more negative, and the drama could be just full of lies.

I know people who have been in drama and I’ve seen how they were affected by it, in short-term, but also in long-term. I myself have been in drama both the one who causes it and the one who was the victim of it.

There are so many types of drama and different ways you could get stuck in it. Different types of drama could be peer pressure, straight up bullying, supposedly humorous, problems with family or friends, shaming, and or exposing people.

Drama causes people to lose trust even though those people could have been lifelong friends, I’ve seen it happen.

Some people love drama, possibly for the adrenaline, that they may get from starting it; Even people found drama entertaining enough to make it a whole genre of movies and shows, I’m not saying all drama movies or shows are bad, but negative drama in real life, isn’t the greatest. Similar to drugs the anger and adrenaline can be addicting and make people keep it up as it’s enjoyable to them.

Some types of drama could be so innocent that people may not think of it damaging anyone, but in the world, we live in today even the smallest of things could cause chaos; It’s seen in movies and in real life, it’s called the butterfly effect. Also after the drama has been sent around after a while the stories could be changed even more because people tend to add on to the story to make it more interesting forsay and could be totally false or even more damaging.

People who are victims of drama, for example, the stories are about them, they’re not gonna be happy about the drama or find it funny. People may think it’s not going to affect them positively because everyone will know they did something like have sex with a lot of people and make them look like a player and cool or good at sex, but that could’ve been something they didn’t want people to know about at all.

I do understand though that it actually can be quite hard to avoid drama especially if you may be considered a “popular kid” as I’ve heard gossip about people who may be labeled like that, labels definitely could be a piece of drama too and they’re definitely not a nice thing, not many people support labels.

Some people could be addicted to it as well, making it harder too. Still, my opinion remains though, that you should really try to avoid drama and it’s not gonna have a positive impact.