Student of the Month

Ava Brough, Staff Writer

Each month, based on teacher nominations an average of 10 or more students are selected to receive the Student of the Month award which recognizes the PRIDE the students demonstrated that month.

This month’s theme was the R in PRIDE, Respect. Assistant Principal of Discipline Sean Gardere, who also was the host of this month’s Student of the Month ceremony, explains, “We’re demonstrating the pride virtue among students.”

Winners selected by teachers received a certificate and a pin. Each student can win more than once.

How do you get selected?  Gardere explains, “Each teacher is given a ballot, and within their class, they select students that fall under this month’s category. When selected, we have the student’s parents notified a week prior to come and see their student get the reward.”  

Niko Lucich, one of this month’s winners said that the event was, “Very fun, interesting, but long in a way. I wouldn’t mind winning again though.”

This month was the second ceremony of 2018. Late September was the first, which recognized students demonstrating the P in PRIDE, personal responsibility.

“We encourage the attributes of PRIDE,” Gardere says. “It’s one thing to say you’re not doing this, because if you weren’t being personally responsible, why would you demonstrate at all? These ceremonies are a way to encourage good behavior to continue.”