Front gates getting locked causes problems along tardies and traffic

Gunderson staff has been locking the gate in front of Gunderson High School where students would usually drive in or get dropped off. 

About three weeks ago, the gates out front were locked before school which resulted in students getting tardies and traffic.

One of the problems was students being late and every time a student gets five tardies they are given Friday school. 

Jeanne Clark, a sophomore at Gunderson High School, said she was “about 1-5 minutes late [due to the gates being locked]” and received a tardy that wasn’t her fault. Clark believes that gates should not be locked and thinks locking the gates doesn’t make anything easier.

Gia Curtis, also a sophomore student at Gunderson high school, had troubles with the gates being locked as well, she said she would’ve been late if her teacher wasn’t late too.

The students said that traffic was also a big problem due to those gates as everyone had to enter more towards the front of the school. Curtis said that this didn’t make anything easier and that “everyone started piling up” and it “created more traffic [than there already is],” which she was referring to when she said people were piling up.

The gates being locked don’t help the students very much at all, but Curtis thought someone could’ve just simply forgotten about the gates, twice. Clark and Curtis believed that they shouldn’t have received the tardies since it wasn’t their fault.