Badminton clubs holds a team bonding day

Parker Robillard , Staff Writer

On Friday the badminton club held a team bonding day on Friday after school in room N-13. There they had many board games and refreshments to boot.

They wanted to make sure that all the upperclassmen could mingle, and make friends with lower classmen. They at first disagreed on what they should do but [club members] quickly decided that they should play games and quickly set up different stations.

“I was impressed by the organization,” said club advisor Catherine Bradley.

A big number of students showed up to the event and the office staff was there making sure everyone talked to each other while officers were there also partaking in the activities.

“It was a great opportunity to talk to new people and help them to be interested,” club co-president Jinhui Kim said.

They served many  types of food and drinks including cookies, Lays, Sprite, and Coca-Cola

“one of the members was supposed to bring KFC  but they forgot,” Mr. Kim said.

The club had many games including Operation, cards and one student brought their gaming laptop and set it up for others to play!

“It was great for me to watch because they were having a good time and they were engaged with each other and getting to know each other,” said Ms. Bradley.

If you want to join, the club has meetings Wednesdays in N-13.