Bluetooth Issue

Amirah Jabr, Staff Writer

An issue that keeps coming up is the Bluetooth Issue.  The Bluetooth Issue is a problem where kids connect songs to a random speaker through bluetooth.

Sophomore Christina Pyzh has experienced the speaker issue in her classes and says the songs played are inappropriate. Christina has seen that this problem can distract students.

Social Science teacher Genice Weathers claims this issue keeps happening since kids are teenagers and think this is funny. Weather’s knows this issue ruins her lessons and causes disruption.

Christina says “because kids want to see the teacher’s reactions.” Students want to see if teachers will react badly, or not care at all.

Weather’s claims there should be rules that students have to follow and teachers enforce these rules. Weather’s makes a point since having rules can decrease students playing inappropriate songs on the speakers.

A lot of the time it is freshmen but, it could be any grade level that wants to fool around and turn up music in class said Christina. People always assume it is freshman since they are looked upon as “immature.” It could be any immature grade level as well.

Weathers claims this has happened before and nonsense music is played. There’s no actual proof why this problem keeps coming up. This happened since kids realized you could bluetooth the speakers Weather’s said. Realizing this kids know how to play their music on the speakers.  Inappropriate songs are played by kids and this annoys everyone. This distracts students from learning while, also messing up the teacher’s lesson plan.