Homecoming is Coming!

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor

Homecoming is coming! The Homecoming game will be on November second, and the dance will be on November third. The event will be for all students and grade levels of Gunderson.

Leadership is still currently planning the event but is putting all of their effort and time into making posters and decorations.

“All of our time is going into Homecoming right now,” said Sophomore Class Secretary Emi Perez.

Everyone in leadership is working hard to make this event an enjoyable and fun experience for all who attend.

Without our leadership class, Homecoming might not have even happened at all! It’s not just posters that leadership is working on either.

“We are working on decorations, our skits, and our floats every day so we can get it done by the time it comes,” said Perez.

What would Homecoming be without decorations and floats? It would just be a regular unentertaining football game and a regular dance. Well, maybe not unentertaining, but certainly not as fun as Homecoming! This is a time to connect will people from all grades, hang out with friends, and make new ones.

“I’m excited for this Homecoming and I think everything is coming out very nice and I’m excited for the day and for all the classes to see what our leadership class has done for this day to come,” she said.

Thanks to leadership, this year’s Homecoming sounds like it will be a blast! Planning is not easy, and we recognize all of the hard work that leadership is putting toward Homecoming. Hopefully, everyone will see all of the effort and time that was put into this event and enjoy every moment of it.

“You should go to Homecoming,” said Freshman Class Secretary Adairiss Castro.

You heard the woman! Make sure to purchase your Homecoming tickets when they go on sale so you don’t miss out on this fun once-a-year event!