Tardy sweeps might be changing

Mekiah Glynn, Staff Writer

Thursday, September 13 a tardy sweep was held, but instead of assigning Friday school, students were given a survey.

Tardy Sweeps occur when teachers lock their doors and students who are late get sent to the attendance office. The tardy sweep was held after lunch.

Students were locked out of their GLC, sent to the library, and given a survey.

“You put in your name and grade,” Gunderson freshmen Elina Chiong said. “Then [the survey] asked you questions like how many times a week are you late? Why were you late?”

The survey gives administration information on students who are tardy.

“Typically tardy sweeps will lead to a discipline, what we wanted to do was not take a punitive approach but to find out why students are tardy in effort or in hopes that we can support them and so that was the whole reasoning behind the survey is that let’s ask questions that will hopefully enlighten us…” Vice Principal of discipline, Sean Gardere said.

Administration’s goals are to decrease student tardiness.

“And so instead of how can we punish the students on what they do, I wanted to take it to the positive team, and we’re going to look at the results and try to create some supports,” Gardere said. The survey will give the administration students perspective.

Chiong said the survey was about all the reasons the students were late and what the school could do to help prevent the students from being late in the future.

“We want students in class because we believe classroom time is valuable,” Gardere said.