Best Marvel Movie Yet?

The Unbelievable Plot: Tears, Death, Comedy



Julian Simpson, Section Editor

Is this the movie to end all movies? Or the movie to start a generation of  introducing new Marvel characters?

Avengers Infinity War the sequel to Avengers: Age Of Ultron, is the most recent movie to the Marvel series  that came out April 27 this year. The movie broke records becoming the highest pre-selling movie (in box office) of all-time. The worldwide weekend was worth a staggering 343.6 million, this was to pass the likes of entire former Marvel movies such as The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and Iron Man 3.

Before the movie reached theaters there was a list theorizing the characters that would die in the movie. No great spoilers here but, those predictions were completely wrong to the actual movie outcome.

The movie starts in the destroyed realm of Asgard with Bruce Banner, Thor, and Loki fighting the infamous villain Thanos with his foot soldiers. Trying to fight Thanos, Thor goes to fight but fails miserably. Then Bruce Banner, turns into Hulk and finally gets into the fight against Thanos. Hulk was the first one to make a critical strike against Thanos, but yet again Thanos  grabbed him by the throat and threw him away like a rag doll. Then the first scene of death happened. Loki interrupts Thanos as he began to choke Thor to death. He then tries to persuade Thanos that he would help kill off half the universe. Thanos doesn’t believe Loki and then ask him “Why should I believe you?” Loki responded that he was not Asgardian, he had no feeling for the race. After Thanos releases Loki, Loki then turns against him in an attempt to stab Thanos and save Thor. Thanos however, grabs Loki and chokes him to death afterwards, proceeds to let go of his limp body. Loki death is the first death scene of the movie.

“I watched it twice, I cried twice,” junior Jared Schnabel said, “I saw from the trailers, I kind of expected Loki to die because like, yeah, I didn’t see him in the rest of the trailers and then unlike Gomorrah. I just didn’t expect it because they have a new guardians movie so plot holes, maybe.”

After the movie there was a shock, nobody could believe what had happened. Some movie goers were surprised, some angered, some just sad at the outcome of what had happened. But, deep down people know that the ending was a symbol that not all superhero movies end off good. As one random movie goer said, “This movie is like the empire strikes back of marvel movies.”