Luchadora!: Drama’s Upcoming Play

Come support Drama's next production!

Alondra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Here at Gunderson, Drama can be chosen as an elective class. You are eligible to take Drama 1/2 or Drama Advanced as a VPA (Visual Performing Arts).

This 2017-2018 school year, the Drama class has had a winter play: Christmas with a Twist. The newly introduced spring play is Luchadora!

The play is being performed on April 26 and April 27: two nights so that if you can’t make it to the first one, you can make it to the other. The ticket pricing for entrance includes students for $5, adults for $6, and $4 for children. The play begins at 6:30PM but doors will open at 6:00.

Drama classes usually spend a few months or more working on plays. For this play, classes have been working since the beginning of the second semester.

The play is based around Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling. It is opened with a scene of two characters being introduced. The characters have a conversation in which the whole plays plot is put into place.

It’s based off of Nana Lupita sharing her very interesting past of wanting to train to fight in her fathers position against his rival. However, in her journey she faces a bit of backlash because she is a girl and is told that nobody trains females.

Since her gender seemed to be an issue, the importance of going to watch the production is because of the morals and messages that are conveyed from that sexism.

Angelina Gulizia, a freshman, got the role of ‘Vanessa,’ which is one of the main roles. Without Vanessa, the conversation she has with her grandmother, revealing the Lucha libre family secret, wouldn’t be there to spark up link everything together.

“I like that this play is talking about girl power and also combining a lot of Hispanic culture into it. It pretty much teaches you to do anything you set your mind to,” said Angelina.  

A junior, Samantha Navarro, who got the role of ‘The Mask Maker,’ said the moral she liked the most from this play is, “Just because it is socially unacceptable to do something, you can still do it if you put in the will for it.”

“I like how it shows a bond between a father and his daughter and the lengths that she would go to for him,” said Savannah Mestaz, a freshman playing ‘Liesel.’

Another major reason as to why the play should be watched is because it is Gunderson’s first Hispanic play. It reveals a lot of diversity that we have here at Gunderson, even if the play conveys just Hispanic culture.

We hope that all families come out and support the two Drama classes in their very humorous, lesson- teaching performance!

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