Craze over Fortnite

Alondra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Fortnite is one of the most played games by many males and even females that attend Gunderson. The game is Battle Royale based, which means you spawn on a map full of other opponents. The main challenge is to be the last person or team standing/alive.

Fortnite could be played either solo (alone), duo (with a friend), or with a squad (four people maximum). The consoles that can be used are Xbox One, PS4, and a PC and the Battle Royale mode is free to download on all.

Each game can last up to approximately 30 minutes. Once you choose if you want to play by yourself or with others, you then press ready which loads onto a map where you do whatever you want until the limit of competitors is reached.

After that, your team or yourself is put onto a bus that flies in the air for a total of 30 seconds. When those seconds are up, you have to have jumped or else it will automatically make you jump.

If you do jump before time expires, you then are skydiving in the air onto whatever location you want to go. Before you reach the surface, you pull out a glider to help you land slowly.

There are 18 named locations that you are able to land at including Lonely Lodge, Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park. After landing, you proceed to look for loot such as guns, explosives, and shield potion.

You can then start killing the other gamers after finding weapons you like or that you believe will eliminate them. If you are the last one(s) standing then there is a sign that pops up on your screen saying “#1 Victory Royale” which signifies that you win.

The game recently started getting famous over it’s cool graphics and competitiveness.

“It’s addicting because you’re kind of like hungry for the duband you want to win. You want to show people that you won,” Anthony Esparza said.

Fortnite is addicting and fun for people in the way that it makes them want to win.

“It’s just fun knowing that you are the last one alive out of 100 other players,” Matthew Acosta said.

You can also get creative during the game. You can get materials from trees and eliminating opponents, proceeding to take their mats.

“People make these really big forts and the way that they use their materials is cool,” Esparza said.

Besides the fun, it can also cause players to rage.

“It makes me throw my controller because when I’m in a 1 on 1 and end up losing, it makes me mad,” Hector Hernandez, a freshman, said.

Overall, Fortnite has had a big impact on the lives of students here at Gunderson High School.

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