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Young voters, rise!

Young voters, rise!

Mitch Itasaka, Staff Writer

March 21, 2020

The relationship between youth and politics is heading towards a brighter future. On a global scale, there is a rise in political activism among young people, who aspire to express their voice and make a difference in whatever issues they are passionate about. However, this trend alone will never all...

Netflix’s “On My Block” Reaction

“On My Block’s” official Netflix cover

Alondra Rodriguez, Freshman, Copy Editor

May 21, 2018

Netflix’s original series, “On My Block,” has been a very recent craze in the lives of teens here at Gunderson High School. It’s popularity has gone up through students getting their friends into this show and recommending it because of how good it is. “On My Block” first aired on Netflix in ...

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