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No cap, don’t get trapped!

No cap, don't get trapped!

Sophia Palacios and Celeste Casella

December 13, 2019

Teachers and administrators have had enough of students’ tardiness and absences. As a result, they have enforced new systems to try and resolve the issue. New principal Kevin Wan put in his notion on the recurring issue regarding tardiness.  “I can say it falls around the lack of personal resp...

What’s new in the administration

Angie Gulizia, Editor in Chief

October 29, 2018

Assistant Principal of Discipline Sean Gardere held an earthquake drill during 7th period GLC on October 16. The administration has been focusing on making sure students are on time to their classes and present during instruction time. During a recent tardy sweep, they surveyed students to find out ...

Tardy sweeps might be changing

Mekiah Glynn, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

Thursday, September 13 a tardy sweep was held, but instead of assigning Friday school, students were given a survey. Tardy Sweeps occur when teachers lock their doors and students who are late get sent to the attendance office. The tardy sweep was held after lunch. Students were locked out of ...

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