The Paw Print

Out with the old, in with the new

Emily Motta, Staff Writer

December 13, 2019

In the middle of the forum, loud pounding, dust, and blue fencing pave the way to a revised student store and attendance office, making some students wonder how school money is allocated. Renovations beautify old structures and make them more inviting to all. They make places more lively and inclu...

Boba Chat with Megan Graham

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor

May 8, 2019

Welcome to a new weekly article called Boba Chat! I’m Tatiana Martinez and every week I’ll be talking to interesting people on campus. Think of it as a Student and Teacher Spotlight, just with boba. This week I chatted with Megan Graham, a freshman at Gunderson who played for the varsity volle...

Ava Brough, Staff Writer

April 22, 2019

"I just am so lazy. Junior year you get a ton of tests and assignments. It’s very stressful and feels too fast.”

Technology, the New Oxygen

Students wandering Gunderson Highschool checking their phones

Ava Brough, Staff Writer

January 18, 2019

Technology, the vast and endless world of possibilities consisting of pictures, videos, socialization, news, and much much more. Walking around school it’s common to see people taking selfies, having phone calls, or even just Snap-chatting. But before the iPhone ‘plague’ of June 29th, 200...

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