The Paw Print

A well-built sequel

The 2nd Lego Movie assembled in theaters February 8th to overall praise.
Image credited to and Warner Bros.

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

March 18, 2019

Brick by brick, tock by tick, no matter how thin, no matter how thick, the Lego Movie franchise sticks out as an excellent series for all ages. Not only do these charming animated films have great animation, stories, and characters, but also great morals for kids and adults. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Pa...

Homework shouldn’t be this stressful

Gunderson student, Angelina Gulizia, works on her homework during GLC

Mekiah Glynn, Staff Writer

January 31, 2019

Homework is usually used as a way to study or learn outside of school. While homework can be helpful and important, a Stanford study found that any more than two hours of homework a night might actually have negative effects on students’ education.   Currently, high school students have an aver...

Drama isn’t helping anyone out, all it seems to do is harm.

Uncle Sam saying,

Jetti Stout, Staff Writer

January 29, 2019

Nowadays, it’s hard for people of all ages to stay out of the drama, but if you can, it’s really the best to try to avoid it. Being in drama, not theater, causes people to get hurt, be more negative, and the drama could be just full of lies. I know people who have been in drama and I’ve seen how they we...

Are Plastic Straws ruining the Earth?

Colorful straws that are ruining our environment.

Bella Castro, Staff Writer

January 25, 2019

The use of plastic straws in the US is overwhelming. Anywhere from 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws end up in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Plastic straws make up 4 percent of the plastic trash. I believe that straws on our campus are also contributing to this worldwide issue. The straw...

Graduate Eligible

Students are required to meet A-G requirements to graduate with a diploma

Marley Romero, Section Editor

January 23, 2019

Are you one of the few students in California who doesn’t finish their requirements to go to college? The Public Policy Institute of California says that 80% of people graduate with all of their A-G requirements done. That means a lot of students don’t get their high school diploma and could end up...

How Two Men Used Their Imagination to Change the World

Stan Lee next to Steven Hillenburg's classic character Spongebob Squarepants.

Liam Kirk, Staff Writer

January 18, 2019

Recently, two of the world’s greatest pioneers in the field of art, creativity, and imagination have died. These two men, Stan Lee and Stephen Hillenburg, will be forever remembered for their contribution to cartoons, comics, and writing. Stan Lee often called the founder of Marvel, is known to almost ...

The Blame Game

Sophomores Amirah Jabr and Bella Castro showing off their amazing grades they received on a paper.

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor

January 18, 2019

 You’re failing all of your classes. Your heart starts racing, knowing that when your parents open the report card, you’re going to get in major trouble. Who are you going to blame? Oftentimes, students will blame it on their teacher, who grades too harshly or doesn’t explain the assignments. ...

Technology, the New Oxygen

Students wandering Gunderson Highschool checking their phones

Ava Brough, Staff Writer

January 18, 2019

Technology, the vast and endless world of possibilities consisting of pictures, videos, socialization, news, and much much more. Walking around school it’s common to see people taking selfies, having phone calls, or even just Snap-chatting. But before the iPhone ‘plague’ of June 29th, 200...

Athletes in PE just isn’t worth it

Some athletes play sports outside of school, so they still have to do PE.

Angie Gulizia, Editor in Chief

January 14, 2019

PE is usually a way for students that aren’t normally active to get their much-needed exercise at school. In San Jose Unified, if students play school sports, they have the option to opt out of PE their sophomore year. However, some students only play competitive sports outside of school, making them ...

Books Vs. Phones: Which Is Better?

Which one is the best

Chinna Nguyen and Delaney Hopp

January 10, 2019

Here at Gunderson, reading for leisure is a lost art. These days, people tend to use their phones more than ever. There are solutions to this crisis, though. To increase reading activity, the school should implement a designated SSR time, like brunch, so people can enjoy the thrill of visiting new worl...

Should Language Classes be Mandatory?

A book for spanish class

Amirah Jabr, Staff Writer

January 8, 2019

All students living in America are required to take a language class in high school. Should language classes really be mandatory to graduate? Language classes should be optional for those who are committed to learning another language. Language classes shouldn’t be mandatory, they should just be electives. ...

Best Marvel Movie Yet?

Best Marvel Movie Yet?

Julian Simpson, Section Editor

June 5, 2018

Is this the movie to end all movies? Or the movie to start a generation of  introducing new Marvel characters? Avengers Infinity War the sequel to Avengers: Age Of Ultron, is the most recent movie to the Marvel series  that came out April 27 this year. The movie broke records becoming the highest ...

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