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Front gates getting locked causes problems along tardies and traffic

October 15, 2018

Gunderson staff has been locking the gate in front of Gunderson High School where students would usually drive in or get dropped off.  About three weeks ago, the gates out front were locked before school which resulted in students getting tardies and traffic. One of the problems was students being...

Interact beat for week of 24-28th of 2018

Ava Brough, Staff Writer

September 28, 2018

This past weekend, Interact held their LGBTQ and HIV awareness Jubilee. The club is also preparing for the Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) in 2 weeks. It is the biggest event of this year for the club with over 4,000 Interact members planning on being in attendance.  ...

Wireless distractions

The bluetooth speakers are easily connected to

Angie Gulizia, Editor in Chief

September 28, 2018

Gunderson classrooms have been experiencing disruptions via classroom Bluetooth speakers.  Students are connecting to the speakers through their phones and playing music. The music is often inappropriate and the speakers tend to be at a loud volume. This can be disruptive to the learning envi...

Handcrafted barricade devices ensure safety at GHS

Samuel Scianna outside his class with the cart he uses to take the wooden barricades from classroom to classroom.

Leslie V. Razo, Staff Writer

September 28, 2018

Samuel Scianna, Gunderson’s new woods teacher, built wooden door barricades that were tested on the lockdown drill held September 28 during second block. These wooden barricades will be used to keep dangerous intruders out of the classrooms and away from students in case of an emergency lockdown...

Sights dance club

Luhanna Abella, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

Fellow dance enthusiasts, if you wanted to try out for Gunderson dance club this year, sights, it is too late, but you are welcome to audition next year at the beginning of school. All grades and genders are welcome, sights usually meet in the girl’s mat room on brown days during GLC. Sights will al...

Badmition club update

Parker Robillard, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

The badminton club has held a team bonding day on Friday in N-13 to help the team to get to know each other better because most of the members already graduated. The club also encouraged members to go to the open gym day on Saturday to help promote the club and its activities The club meets at lunc...

Senior Women Update

Amirah Jabr, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

Senior Women is a group of both senior women and men who believe in equality for both genders, rights for women, self-esteem, and having a good body image. There are no political choices involved. Social science teacher Sonia Rebelo is the advisor of the Senior Women Club. The club meets on Wedn...

Quiz Bowl

Tatiana Martinez, Section Editor

September 27, 2018

Gunderson Quiz Bowl is currently preparing for their upcoming tournament on October 6 in Sacramento. Quiz Bowl is a club for students who enjoy academic trivia and competing in tournaments designed to test your educational expertise. Members get to travel to different schools and answer questions ba...

Ms. Roselman updates about French Society

Liam Kirk, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

Liz Roselman, the French teacher at Gunderson High School, is also the current advisor for the French Society. The French Society is a club that explores the music, art, traditions, and culture of France.  Ms. Roselman also informs about upcoming events that the French Society has planned. Ms....

New students and new standards

Mekiah Glynn, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

Math and science departments have new staff and new goals this year. The math department teachers are focusing on making math “interesting and engaging” for students. The science department is teaching new standards that are more “updated” and “accurate” for teaching students. “Since I...

English and history department updates

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

The English and history departments have gone through some changes this year. The history department has gotten rid of AP World History. There is now an Accelerated World History instead. It uses the same skills and textbook, but the class has less work. The accelerated world history class makes...

Boys and girls water polo teams gear up for games

Marley Romero, Section Editor

September 27, 2018

More games are coming up for girls and boys Water Polo this year as Head Coach Caitlyn Gutierrez is training our Grizzly players to do their best. Come and support your friends and fellow students on October 25 right here at GHS on the pool deck, Girls play at 4 and Boys at 5. ...

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