Tatiana Martinez
Tatiana is a first year student and staff writer for the Paw Print, she was born and raised right here in San Jose, California. Because this is her first year at the Paw Print she still wants to learn how to be more outgoing with interviews so she can become a great journalists and newspaper writer. She joined journalism to learn how to write reports and make them interesting enough to be able to print them for the Paw Print. She doesn’t have much past experience but her 6th grade reading class helped her with writing stories, making movies, and debating on any topic you throw at her. Tatiana likes to watch the news to know what goes on around her so she knows the importance of writing truthful and interesting stories. She also has broad ideas for writing articles in the newspaper as well as other ideas for the class. She doesn’t read as much as she watches the news but, she is still and asset to our team here at the Paw Print.

Tatiana Martinez, Staff Writer

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