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2017-2018 Staff

Jesus Bucio

Staff Writer


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Noemi Cardenas

Staff Writer

Noemi Cardenas is a sophomore attending Gunderson High School. Her family is Mexican-Born while she is a native of the Bay Area. She is kind, funny, and ambitious. All of these traits being what makes her such a hardworking st...

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Brandon Ngo

Staff Writer

Brandon Ngo is a second-year journalism student at Gunderson High School. His interests include playing video games, biking, and making attempts to draw. His values include socializing with friends, going outside every once in awh...

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Camila Salazar

Staff Writer

Camila Salazar was raised in both San Jose and in Richmond near Oakland, with her family of 6. She’s the youngest of 3 sisters. The oldest, Valeria, graduating from Oak Grove 4 years ago and two of them being twins, Nicole and...

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Isabella Ochoa

Staff Writer

Isabella Ochoa is a freshman at Gunderson High School in San Jose, California. She is a reporter for the Paw Print. She enjoys to read, listen to music, and write. She has intentions to be a social worker after she finishes colle...

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Jorge Hernandez

Staff Writer

Jorge is a sophomore at Gunderson High School. He is very calm person, the only time he could be considered a wild person is when he is with his friends. He plays video games on his free time, loves golf, Nascar racing, and volley...

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Mitzy Garcia

Editor in Chief

Mitzy Garcia is a senior editor at Gunderson High School. Garcia is also involved in leadership as the senior class vice president and a part of the varsity cheer team. Garcia was previously a section editor her sophomore year and p...

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Julian Simpson

Editor in Chief

Julian Simpson is one of three editors in our Gunderson High School journalism class and news provider, The Paw Print. Currently and Junior this is his second year on staff and he also does other extracurricular activities such...

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Citlalli Balderas

Staff Writer

A 15 year old sophomore at Gunderson High School and first year in Journalism. Citlalli is the youngest, most shy, and quiet daughter out of three girls. The biggest goal she has is becoming an FBI criminal investigator. In h...

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Alondra Rodriguez

Staff Writer

My name is Alondra Rodriguez, I am 14 years old & a freshman at Gunderson High School. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I like to play soccer and sometimes football. This is my first year taking journalism an...

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Clarise Santos

Staff Writer

Clarise Santos is a newcomer to the concepts of journalism, hoping that becoming a news reporter will be helpful towards her future. When she isn't enjoying nerdy things like anime and manga, she often does creative freelance w...

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Jalen Hunter

Staff Writer

My name is Jalen Hunter and I like to play football, run track, and baseball. I am 14 years old and a freshman at Gunderson High School. This is my first year of Journalism and I think it's really fun so far. My goal this year i...

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Shayne Harms

Staff Writer

Shayne Harms is a Freshman at Gunderson High School. She hopes to bring true news to GHS. Shayne is a Varsity Cheerleader and loves to read. English is her favorite subject and she loves reading. Shayne is a very happy and comp...

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Marco Antonio Rodriguez

Editor in Chief

Marco Antonio Rodriguez is one of three editors in our Gunderson High School News Website. He is a Junior at GHS who is 16 years old. In his spare time he reads Manga and plays video games with his friends. It’s his second ...

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Erin Wells

Staff Writer

This is Erin's first year being a journalist. She hopes to open the eyes of  students at Gunderson and make them more aware of activities, news, and issues that are happening in the world. She enjoys hanging out with friends...

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Quan Nguyen

Staff Writer

Quan Nguyen is a novice journalist reporting from Gunderson High School. After being recommended to join the advanced journalism class by his former English 1-2 teacher, Quan  decided to join hoping to be able to express the news ...

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