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Gunderson’s Track and Field

We’re here to get busy.

Erin Wells

Erin Wells

Erin Wells, Staff Writer

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“We’re here to get busy” is Coach Miclette’s favorite phrase to tell his track and field athletes. Coach Joseph Miclette found himself doing track and field his senior year of high school. He wasn’t sure what event he should do but one of his good friends was a hurdler; Miclette trained with his friend to try it out ended up sticking with it. He really enjoyed the 110 and 300 meter hurdles. During his first track meet he ended up pulling his hip flexor so doing the 300 hurdles was a battle to get through.

Miclette felt like he had unfinished business with track and field because he wasn’t   able to manage college, work and having to go to track practices, so he began to coach track and field after college.

Miclette hit bumps in the road during his first couple of years coaching, but he stayed strong and continued coaching for the next 14 years at Gunderson high school.

Once that final bell rings, Miclette is on his way to the track. He always has a gameplan for what his athletes will be doing that day, but things change depending on the athlete.

Miclette starts by setting out the cones on the track and makes sure everyone is warmed up. He looks to see if everyone has done their stretching, legs swings, hip mobility, and either get-outs which are a sprinter’s warm up or in-an-out which are a long distance warm up. He then sits down with the team and lets them know what they will be doing that day.

The work that needs to be done varies each day and some days are harder than others . Some days he’s kicking your butt with speed acceleration repetitions, other days are a bit easier, drills and a visit to the weight room.

Regardless of the work being done that given day, you can be sure that every day of practice has Miclette pushing his student athletes to give it their all.

Darrick Hattix, a junior at Gunderson High School, has been on the team for two years.  He runs the 4×4 relay, 200 meter, and 400 meter sprints. His goal is to hopefully get a track and field scholarship for college.

“Coach is helping me by having me go to invitationals and he talks to other coaches for recruiting” says Darrick.

Eduardo Villegas, another junior at Gunderson High School, runs the 4×1, 4×4 relay and 200, 400 meter sprints. Villegas hopes to make it to the Central Coast Section(CCS) this year. “Coach is helping me by pushing to to the level i need to be at the make it to CCS” says Villegas.

Darrick and Eduardo aren’t the only athletes Miclette has worked with over his 14 years of coaching, and there are sure to be many more in the future. “My favorite part,” he says, “is the interaction with the athletes and seeing them get stronger and seeing their growth and success.”

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