“My sandwich!”

Going viral on a famous Instagram page


Alondra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Imagine a friend of yours recording a video of you that unexpectedly goes viral on the social media app, Instagram.

A freshman at Gunderson, Sean Nguyen, who ironically didn’t have an Instagram account, instantly went viral over jumping into a trash can because his sandwich was stolen.

He found out he made it big because of his friends screaming “WORLDSTAR!” at him. Not to mention, his uncle, mom, and cousins had seen the video before him.

The recording wasn’t unexpected though. Sean and his friends were messing around when his friend started to film, which he was aware of.

When he saw himself on the page, he felt very silly about it. “I just thought society has degraded so far to the point that they found a kid jumping into a trash can funny,” said Nguyen.

So far there hasn’t been an effect on him, except for a majority of the school knowing him. Sean has made new friends but does not consider them close.

“I try not to let fame get to my head, so I try to be humble about it.”

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