Is social media for extended periods of time toxic?

Social media is an outlet to post all of your best photos and get plenty of likes and comments,but for too long social media can become toxic for your mental health.

I understand that it can be really exciting to see a new post or even get a shout out,although risking your own mental health isn’t worth it.One way that social media for too long can become toxic is the fact that they affect your emotions and your mood.Some of the most common symptoms are negative feelings such as depression,anxiety,and stress

Not to mention,another way extended time on social media affects you is changing who you are and not having any personal growth.People can alter or change their personality so they change the way people perceive them and they cover up their true identities with a virtual identity.Self-reflection isn’t possible either because spending all your extra time on social media,instead of yourself leads to not knowing who you truly are and how you act,feel,or think.Which are the things that help lead you to grow as a person,social media can often lead you to forget yourself.and getting away from it,leads only to putting yourself into it even more.

Additionally,you may want to stay away from certain platforms of social media as some may cause more problems for you.For example,a recent survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health conducted a survey that instagram was the most ¨toxic¨ or negative social media platform.It really is a matter of choice which platform isn’t right for you though.

However,Social media can’t be avoided completely and by trying to it can lead you to use social media even more which is crazy,yet true.As I was saying earlier too much social media causes a lot of emotional mental health symptoms such as depression,anxiety,stress…,but what stems from these symptoms is ¨spiraling.¨Spiraling basically refers to going in a negative cycle or ¨spiral¨ where you continue to put yourself in a negative place.This applies to social media as well,to the point where you can’t stop using it even if you wanted to because by trying to stop.

Although,social media has shown to have positive effects such as safety,communication with friends and family,and find creative activities.These are the parts that make people have social media,On the other hand those are just some reasons to a list of reasons that affect your mental health this is why social media for too long isn’t good for you and cause a lot more damage then it does good.

My final thoughts on extended time on social media can merely be described as¨The Good The Bad and The Ugly¨ and social media for too long sure can be pretty ugly.