Chelsea Ray

From the other side of the screen, Gunderson’s new PE teacher Chelsea Ray focuses on building strong relationships and healthy habits with her students.


Ray is a new face at Gunderson, and she teaches physical education to the freshman class. Prior to Gunderson, Ray worked at Bret Harte Middle School and Leland High School. 


“At Bret Harte, I taught sixth and seventh grade,” Ray said. “ I also coached volleyball over at Bret Harte and at Leland.”


Online learning hasn’t changed Ray’s plan to connect with students, despite the struggles of not being in person. Ray hopes to gain trust and build relationships through the screen.


“I want students to feel comfortable in my class,” Ray said, “I want them to feel safe in my class, get to know the students, and build rapport with them.”


As a physical education teacher, Ray hopes to help guide students into an active lifestyle. Ray wants to keep students engaged in physical activity by finding something they enjoy doing.


“If they discover they are really into basketball, they play basketball,” Ray continued. “Then they like it so much that they continue to play basketball when they leave high school, that’s something that will keep them active for the rest of their life.”


Ray recognizes the difficulties that come with online learning and fitness. Many people are uncomfortable with their cameras being on during workouts, but Ray hopes to create a welcoming and safe environment for her students.


“I mean it’s just a whole different ball game,” Ray explained. “We’ve just got to get comfortable with one another, and trust one another, and build respect for one another.”

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