From Banker to Athletic Director: Mr. Chew’s Journey


Yash Sharma, Section Editor

A degree in business and a minor in business management led Athletic Director Brian Chew to become a banker, but his passion for sports and student mentorship caused him to change his career path.

As a banker, Chew learned how to sell and pitch items, but he soon realized that it wasn’t for him.

“I worked there for about six years, and it was something that I wasn’t passionate about, but it was something that I had to do,” said Chew.

 Chew took a break from the bank for about 6 months and traveled to China, where he experienced the culture and attempted to learn Chinese. During the trip, he went on an excursion to the Great Wall, where he had one of his most pivotal moments. 

“I actually climbed one of the towers of the Great Wall and I watched the sunrise. And at that moment I was thinking about my journey and how I ended up here, and at that point, I was kind of like, it’s important for me as a professional and a person to do something I’m passionate about,” said Chew.

When he became an Athletic Director, he felt more satisfied with his occupation and values.

“I feel a lot more personally satisfied with the kind of work that I do now, you know, getting to mentor students and work with students and also getting to work with teachers that have the same vision,” explains Chew.

As Athletic Director, he holds expectations for coaches to maintain for the betterment of their sport and culture of our school.

Track and field coach Joseph Miclette said, “I think as a coach he expects us to maintain a competitive team and program, but to also maintain communication with him to adhere to guidelines and to uphold the expectations of PRIDE.”