Ahhh Ace! An Update on Boys Volleyball.

Jetti Stout, Staff Writer

At our school there are so many sports to offer during the four different seasons, one, a not as well known sport, is volleyball. Girls volleyball takes place at the beginning of school, in fall, and boys volleyball takes place in spring.

Since girls volleyball has already happened, boys volleyball is starting up.

Boys volleyball had their first preseason game against Palo Alto last Thursday and they did lose, but Coby Dennis a sophomore who is on the boys’ volleyball team, said that they all still had fun and it was a good experience.

Boys volleyball practice takes place every day of the week from 5:30-7:30, except on Saturdays and Sundays or if they have any games they’d take place on Tuesdays and Thursday, so that’s possibly two fewer days of practice as well.

There are also three different coaches for their team, coach Jackie, coach Prudencio, and coach Aly, but Jackie is their main coach as Dennis said.

The boys’ next game will take place on March 12, which will be at and against Pioneer High School, which is a league game instead of a preseason game.

Dennis says he really enjoys volleyball and definitely would recommend people to join either girls or boys next season, he says, “volleyball is the best and you’d meet some amazing people on the team, this might just be me, but when I subbed in for someone it felt amazing, so I think others would feel the same.”

Make sure to check out their upcoming game at Pioneer if you have any interest in the boys’ volleyball team.