Juniors take SAT to prove college readiness

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

All juniors took the SAT on Wednesday, March 6th. Juniors are required to take it, but sophomores can sign up for it, though they don’t have their tests paid for by the district. This also applies to optional retakes.

The SAT is a standardized test that colleges use to prove students’ academic level and that they are college ready. It is also used to “compare with metrics from school to school, even state to state.” said SAT Prep teacher Christopher Lu. The SAT also puts students on the same level while testing. The SAT also makes it easier for colleges to gauge students academic and testing abilities.

According to Lu, there are multiple reasons to take the SAT, including the use in getting scholarships from colleges from putting it on applications, or signing up for certain scholarship programs, but, there are some cons.

Retakes can be done at any time when one is in high school or even in college, but it is recommended to retake it, if one wants, in October of their senior year. One can redo the test as many times as needed, but doing it over 5 times could turn colleges away from students. There are 6 designated retake days.