Drama busy rehearsing for Fiddler

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

Drama has been very busy rehearsing for Fiddler on the Roof Jr.

They have been rehearsing almost everything in the play.

“Right now, we’re practicing the wedding scene,” says Drama student and actor Kyle Yamashita. The wedding scene happens to be the most important scene in the play as it is the finale of the musical. The actors have also been practicing the bottle dance, a somewhat complicated piece of choreography where the dance ensemble must balance bottles on their heads. Yamashita is part of this ensemble.

The cast has also been practicing songs, a very important thing to do in a musical. The 2 songs are part of the wedding scene and the bottle dance.

While the actors have been rehearsing, the rest of the class is making costumes. Dresses, jackets, hats, everything one could think of. The Drama teacher and director, Kelly Orozco, has provided the class with sewing machines and necessary fabrics and other accents like zippers. Many students were also taught how to sew as well. Currently, the costume makers are creating special hats for the bottle dance. The hats resemble fedoras but have grooves in them where the bottle will rest. The cast will continue to practice until their debut in May.