French Society’s latest meeting


This thematic French Society flyer holds all the details for the meeting on Wednesday

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

The French Society club held their February meeting celebrating Valentine’s Day on 2/13 in N-9. The meeting started at 2:45 and last until 3:45.

All students were invited to come, but French students got extra credit if they did. In order to get extra credit, students had to stay at least an hour. But that hour was a fun one. The meeting involved the telling of love stories from mostly French literature and history and sugar cookie decorating. It also brought up how the City of Romance celebrates Valentine’s Day. Students could also make their own French Valentines in class, if they had French. Other foods like croissants, chocolates, and brioche sweet bread was also offered.

“It will truly be a lovely meeting,” said club advisor and French teacher Liz Roselman on February 11th.

French Society holds monthly meetings that are always on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of that month, which all have a certain theme. Their meeting in January was all based on the art of French pastries and the hardships pastry chefs must go through. In that meeting, club members and attendees got to sample French pastries and watch a documentary that followed French bakers on their quest to get success.