Bella Castro, Staff Writer

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Cheer has just finished football season and is now going on to basketball season.

“Cheer has been fun. I’ve always wanted to do it,” sophomore Alizé Eustaquio said. “I used to record the cheerleaders for my brothers Pop Warner when he was younger. After his games, I would go home and practice the cheers from the recording.”

Eustaquio started cheer this year and has been enjoying it. With a full class schedule, Eustaquio has had to learn how to balance the sport and her academics. Luckily cheer practice is only a few times a week.

“It is not hard to keep up with my school work since practice is only Monday and Tuesday later on in the evening, and the games were only on Fridays,” Eustaquio said. “I’m not sure when the games are for basketball so the schedule might change.”

Most people don’t consider cheer a sport, but the amount of physical work they put in prove people wrong.

“My favorite part of cheer is doing stunts,” said Eustaquio. “I’ve just recently got my toe touch down. I still need a little work on getting higher in the air.”

Cheer is challenging, but with practice, anyone can improve with the skills showed. Cheerleaders have learned not only their cheers but how to manage their time.