Football Recap

Amirah Jabr and Amirah Jabr

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The football season is over. Varsity and junior varsity had their senior night and the homecoming game has come and gone.

Students, players, coaches, and the community may believe that the football season was quite hectic for both varsity and junior varsity.

Sophomore cheerleader Shayne Harms said that varsity has had “Ten [games], including homecoming [on Friday],” three of which they won.

Harms said that the football season for both teams “was okay at the beginning, but it just went kind of downhill.” She was hopeful for a homecoming win. “I [felt] like they might let us win because they won against us last year for [Branham’s] homecoming.”

The football players and quite a few Gunderson students appeared bummed about losing the last game of the season. One of the best games Harms said she experienced was against, “Andrew Hill [because] we won” and that the varsity football team played well.

This season was one of football’s not-so-great seasons, but there have been better seasons in the past and there will be more seasons in the future.