What’s in the cup

Coffee and tea, which one will it be?

which did they prefer?

Chinna Nguyen

which did they prefer?

Luhanna Abella, Emilia Vazquez, Chinna Nguyen, and Delaney Hopp

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Muggy Myths

There are numerous myths about coffee and tea. These popular drinks made of beans or leaves, both contain caffeine, even green tea. All types of tea come from the same basic plant, the Camellia Synthesis plant.

There are over 3,000 varieties of tea. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water according to TeaSource, and there are also over 100 types of coffee according to The Roasters Pack.

  1. According to Food Network’s Healthy Eats, many people think green tea is totally caffeine free, but it actually contains about 35 mL per cup.
  2. The only types of tea that don’t have caffeine are herbal teas, which actually aren’t really teas, as they aren’t made from the Camellia Synthesis plant. Herbal teas are actually called tisanes.
  3. According to Thrillist Lifestyle, Some decaf coffee and tea actually contain a small amount of caffeine.
  4. Black tea and black coffee contain the most amount of caffeine compared to other coffees and teas.
  5. Some people believe that caffeinated drinks have a negative effect on hydration, but since they have enough water, they don’t.
  6. Many people believe that coffee helps to lose weight but it actually doesn’t, but since it has caffeine it may reduce your desire to eat for a while and contains a stimulant that increases metabolism, but only a little bit.
  7. The most infamous myth, coffee stunts your growth, is very untrue. Coffee has no effect on your height in any way.
  8. Since people are somewhat paranoid about caffeine, many say that coffee, as well as tea, cause multiple horrible diseases, like heart disease or cancer.
  9. Many say that a pregnant woman shouldn’t drink coffee, caffeine won’t harm a fetus, however, it is advised that women should limit their daily caffeine intake to only 200 milligrams — about one cup of standard coffee according to Thrillist.
  10. Coffee fans often say that a darker roast causes a stronger coffee, but roasting actually burns off more caffeine and causes a more acidic taste.

Spill the tea

Many of us question whether Coffee or Tea is healthier than the other, So we asked multiple people which they thought was healthier and which they preferred.

We asked 122 people all the same four questions. First, which do you prefer, coffee, tea, both, or neither? Second, why do you like your choice? Third, do you like it a certain way? And Fourth what grade are you in?

We then asked five individuals which did they think was a healthier drink. Mia Morales, a freshman said that she likes tea and that “hot tea is the best tea” and believes it is the healthiest.

Jose Tellez, a sophomore, said “I prefer coffee but I think tea is better and I think it’s better because coffee has caffeine and gets you hyper which probably isn’t good for the heart.”

Leslie Garza, a junior, said “I prefer coffee because I don’t like how the tea tastes like and to be honest as much as I love coffee I think tea is healthier because it helps you when your sick and when you have headaches too, even though it taste nasty”

Justin Jacobson, a junior said, “Coffee cause it keeps you awake and aware, I think tea is healthier because it has no caffeine.”

Isaiah Perez, a senior said “I prefer coffee because it gives me energy when I need it in the morning. I think that tea is healthier because that’s what I’ve been told.”

From the cup to the lips

Closest coffee shops and tea shops

Coffee shops

  1. Starbucks, 179 Branham Ln which is 6 minutes away by car (1.8 mi)
  2. Starbucks, 4950 Almaden Expy which is 9 minutes away by car (2.3 mi)
  3. Hub’s Coffee, 630 Blossom Hill Rd which is 8 minutes away by car (2.4 mi)
  4. Cafe Paradise, 2400 Monterey Rd which is 10 minutes away by car (4.3 mi)

Tea shops

  1. Pop Up Tea, Coffee & Snacks, 185 Branham Ln which is 5 minutes away by car (1.5 mi)
  2. Jazen Tea, Westfield Oakridge, 925 Blossom Hill Rd which is 4 minutes away by car (1.1 mi)
  3. TLeaf Teapresso, 860 Blossom Hill Rd which is 7 minutes away by car (1.8 mi)
  4. Boba Pub, 1576 Branham Ln which is 8 minutes away by car (3.2 mi)
 Which is bitter for anxiety, coffee or tea?

We’re always getting mixed signals when it comes to the subject of coffee or tea. One study tells us coffee fights diabetes, prevents heart disease, and makes us more productive, less moody individuals. Coffee is also the quickest way to worsen your anxiety and screw up your blood sugar levels. Surprisingly enough, “More Americans drink tea every day than they do coffee. More than 80 percent of U.S. homes have tea stored in the kitchen.” according to Bustle. A standard serving of black tea contains between 42 and 72 milligrams of caffeine, while a cup of green tea has anywhere between 9 and 50 milligrams. Coffee, on the other hand, has between 72 and 130 milligrams. Caffeine certainly has its pros: it reduces migraines by constricting the blood vessels in the brain.

There is no such thing as caffeine-free coffee, If you want to steer clear of caffeine completely to avoid the unpleasant symptoms that come with it, you don’t really have that option with coffee, decaf is not the same as caffeine-free. Herbal teas like rooibos or chamomile do not come from the camellia synthesis plant as black, green and white teas do, but they are naturally caffeine-free and some can purportedly enhance sleep quality. There’s a bad kind of cholesterol in your body called LDL, and drinking lots of coffee can cause LDL levels to shoot up. Tea, on the other hand, is said to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. The more caffeine you consume, the more crappy your sleep will be.

Coffee and tea will neither shorten or extend your life