San Jose Library Sign-Ups


San Jose Public Library hopes to encourage students to visit the library or their web page.

Leslie V. Razo, Staff Writer

Employees from the San Jose Public Library (SJPL) helped students get their very own library card during 7th period GLC the second week of November in the gym.

On Monday, their first day on campus, SJPL representatives reported having about 200 students sign up.

“We hope for them to at least know that the resources are there, whether they come to the library or they check out our website for those e-resources,” said Austin Carrell, who works for SJPL.

“I’ve been meaning to get one, it was pretty cool that they were here,” senior Milagro Ramirez said.

Junior Antonio Razo, who just received a library card, said, “When I was younger, I always thought that library cards were only for an elite group of people, so I never bothered asking my parents for one, but I’m glad that the library people are going out of their way to sign more people up for library cards.”

On Monday, GLCs in the D and C classrooms were required to attend the sign up with their students. One of these teachers included Jenny Chang who said, “I always encouraged my students to get [a library card], but they never do. It’s a great thing that they are willing to come here to sign up the kids, I admire their service.”

San Jose Public Library also gives those who sign up access to online resources, such as articles, tutors, and audiobooks including music and even movies.

Most enticing to students, however, may be that the Library offers volunteer hours. Those who are interested can stop by anytime to help stack books, tutor other kids or help out in other ways.

How to sign up and start earning hours.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your library and click “sign me up.”
  3. Underneath “I would like to volunteer,” click on the red “Fill in an application button.
  4. Complete the “I am new to” column on the left.
  5. Make sure to fill in your birthday.

For more information visit or email them at [email protected].