Lunch Time Lines

Chinna Nguyen, Staff writer

During lunchtime, some kids bring their own lunch from home while others are standing in line waiting to get their lunch from school. Some would guess that it would be easy to get school lunch by just grabbing and going, but getting school lunch can be more complicated than you think.

Freshman Andrew Nguyen has some thoughts about lunch lines after experiencing and seeing what goes on when students wait to get their food.

”I think that the lunch line is mostly fine but from time to time it gets quite long and crowded, especially if you don’t come immediately and have to walk the long way around through the gym,” Nguyen said.

He also has some ideas of how it can be better to organize the long and crowded lines so no one would have to worry about the mayhem of the lunch lines.

”If I had control over the organization of the line I would probably have two entrances or two lines to ease up the density and quicken the time that it takes to get in,” Nguyen said.

However, he still thinks that improvements can be easily made if staff would act upon their words.

“The staff should and probably could be able to find a better way to organize the line,” Nguyen said.