Drama fundraises play by selling Christmas trees

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

The Drama class has started fundraising for their upcoming play, Fiddler on the Roof Jr. The Water Polo team, Girls Basketball, and the Baile Folklorico club are also raising money with the same fundraiser. They are selling Christmas trees and wreaths.

Their last fundraiser, selling cookie dough, did not meet their price goal. The fundraiser started on October 30th and ends November 13th.

Drama is using the money to buy costumes, props, and pay for royalties for their play. The sports teams, if they sell enough trees, will get their equipment for free. The Baile Folklorico club will use the fundraised money to buy supplies.

According to Drama teacher Callie Orozco, the cookie sale was their first fundraiser, but not their last, and if everyone pitches in, they will meet there price goal this time.

The Drama class did not try hard enough to sell their cookies, said Orozco, and they should try harder. “I think that if the kids actually asked people despite being rejected a couple times, like they’ll sell more trees,” she said.

Drama’s next fundraiser will be selling IMAX tickets with the help of Band. This fundraiser will start on November 30th, and in an effort to promote the play, Drama will later be selling Fiddler t-shirts around the time of the performance, and at the door on the day of.

On pickup day for the trees, “There will be treats and some stuff like that. So it will be a fun thing.” Said Drama student Elliot Ahlstroem.

People who buy trees also have the option to donate them to the Salvation Army for $60, “if you’re allergic,” said Orozco. Doing this not only supports the school, but it also supports those who are in need of a little Christmas cheer.