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Angelina Gulizia, Staff Writer

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Assistant Principal of Discipline Sean Gardere held an earthquake drill during 7th period GLC on October 16.

The administration has been focusing on making sure students are on time to their classes and present during instruction time. During a recent tardy sweep, they surveyed students to find out why they were tardy. Gardere says, “I could have said, ‘Hey, you’re all late. All of you have Friday support intervention after school,’ but does that help them, or does that just punish them? We wanted to actually find out, why are you late?”

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Angelina Gulizia, Staff Writer

Angelina Gulizia is a sophomore at Gunderson High School. She joined journalism because she enjoys writing, keeping up with the news, and talking about issues that are important to her. Angie was born in San Jose and she has been here ever since. Angie enjoys reading about global events and making a difference in her community. When she is not at school, Angie spends most of her time being a competitive gymnast and a Girl Scout.

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