Students wasting nutrition?

Chinna Nguyen, Staff Writer

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What do you with the raisins that are being handed out to you every time you exit Grizzly Cafe? After countless times of handing them out, most students don’t even bother eating the raisins. Here are some thoughts about this topic.

Freshman Isabella Thomas has been complaining that students have a reason why they don’t want to be handed fruit.

”I find it annoying when they [cafeteria ladies] hand out raisins if you don’t have a fruit or vegetable because I specifically didn’t pick them up for a reason and I know none of my friends would want it and it would just end up inside a trash can,” Thomas said.

Another student, freshman Christopher Nguyen, also stated that even though he didn’t want to be handed raisins, out of courtesy he decided to take them and eat them so they won’t go to waste.

”In the end, the student is the one who will be benefiting or suffering from what they eat, so they should have the right to choose what they want and don’t want to eat,” Nguyen said.

However, he also thinks that the raisin handouts are still helpful to those who forget to pick out their fruits and appreciates the cafeteria workers for their help of a nutritional diet. “We’re not really forced to take the raisins. The lunch ladies are enforcing the recommended fruits/veggies that you’re meant to have with your lunch the raisins you have to take your own initiative and pick up an apple, pear, etc.”

Freshman Paulina Cabral is also currently upset about how it’s a waste that countless raisin boxes are being handed out yet they’re never properly used. She hopes that students should at least be thoughtful of the fruit they’re misusing.

“I wouldn’t really want the cafeteria ladies to give me a choice of various fruits at the register because to be honest with you, I’d just get rid of them,” Cabral said. “Most people [students] would accept the raisins out of shyness, but the likelihood of the raisins being thrown away afterward is very high. Giving the option to choose whether you want raisins or not might affect the waste of food slightly in a good way. But people [students] will still continue to waste food in a way.”