French club holds soirees for students to get a taste of French culture

Delaney Hopp, Staff Writer

The French club here at Gunderson is holding soirees during lunch and after school to encourage the spread of French culture. The meetings include food tastings, art sessions, and the members will sell roses for Valentine’s day.

Soirees are held in N-9 in the afternoon. They allow students to have a fun way to learn about French culture through activities like painting, eating French foods, and watching French films. The club advisor, Liz Roselman, said that the events in the soirees vary each meeting.

The soirees bring a French influence to Gunderson which is rare for most schools according to French club president, Allison Kathryn Davis.  She said that most schools focus on a Spanish influence and that it is important for people to learn about French culture and customs.

The club plans to sell roses and valentines in February and greeting cards in December. Mrs. Roselman said that this is a good way to support the club so they can still hold the soirees and other club meetings later on.

However, the club president and advisor said it is hard to incorporate everything they want to do in the soirees.

The soirees influence people by touching on subjects not mentioned in classes. Mrs. Roselman said that the soirees are an extension of class time by talking about history and certain cultural traditions during meetings.

In the last soiree, club members and interested students sampled French pastries and watched a French movie. In the upcoming soiree, there will be a history lecture on famous French painter, Vincent van Gogh, and the students will have a paint session where they will replicate his iconic style.

If interested, please report to N-9 and ask Madam Roselman if you can attend the next soiree.